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Gifted Magnet & SAS Accept/Waitlist Information

Please refer to the instructions below and to the resources listed on this page for more information on what to do next.  

  • If you were notified that your child was "accepted" to either the gifted magnet or SAS program at Marshall you must accept your space by  April 8.  
  • Families who do not accept their space by April 8 will automatically be "declined" by the system
  • You can accept your space in either program in the parent portal (click here to access the parent portal)
  • You can also accept you space by contacting Marshall High School.
  • To accept your space in SAS please contact Ms. Novik at
  • To accept your space in the gifted Magnet please contact Mr. Jeffries at or you can call 323 671-1430
  • If you were placed on a "waitlist" for either program, we will contact you if a space opens up for your child
  • Students who are placed on the waitlist are not guaranteed a space in either SAS or Magnet at Marshall.  For this reason it is highly recommended that parents make alternative arrangements in case your child does not get a space at Marshall.