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COVID-19 Info



Para información sobre COVID-19 en español.

COVID-19 Related Resources: 

LAUSD COVID Help Desk for any questions about COVID/Testing/Daily Pass/Vaccinations Questions: 
Mon – Fri 6 am to 6 pm  
Helpdesk for Families: (213) 443-1300  
Helpdesk for Employees: (213) 241-2700
COVID-19 Family Vaccination Hotline: (213) 328-3958 

*LATEST info on COVID Testing & Vaccinations: 
LAUSD Isolation Instructions; Stationery & Mobile Testing Sites; Rapid Antigen Testing to Return to School/Work:

FAQs for COVID Vaccinations, Testing, Safety Protocols, Vaccine Safety, Daily Pass:

For Daily Pass Questions:




------------------------- COVID-19 Testing at LAUSD COVID TESTING SITES -------------------------

LAUSD COVID-19 Testing: 

There are 3 TYPES of TESTING SITES, depending on the situation. Read carefully below.

1. STATIONARY TESTING SITES for those WITHOUT Symptoms to get a PCR Test. Walk-Ins ok.

Closest STATIONARY TESTING SITE to Marshall HS for those with NO Symptoms:
Evans Adult School (near 110 and 101 freeway intersection)
717 N Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA 90012
More Stationary Testing Sites Flyer: Stationary Testing Sites Flyer
Volante en Español: Sitios de Prueba Estacionarios
Check for FLYER UPDATES at: 


Use the Drive Through, MUST be in car if symptomatic - Do not Walk Up.

  • Ask for a PCR Test if you have not tested positive within 90 days.
  • Ask for a RAT Rapid Antigen Test if you have a positive PCR test within 90 days.

The Closest to Marshall is (opening 1/26/22): 
West Adams Prep, 1500 W Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90007 (LD Central)

  • Gage Middle School, 2880 E. Gage Ave., Huntington Park 90255 (LD East)
  • Audubon Middle School, 4120 11th Ave., Los Angeles 90008 (LD West)
  • Zelzah Testing Center, 6505 Zelzah Ave., Reseda 91335 (LD Northwest)
  • Gardena High School, 1301 W 182nd St., Gardena 90248 (LD South)
  • East Valley Skills Center, 8601 Arleta Ave, Sun Valley, CA 91352 (LD Northeast)

Look for the "*" on Testing Flyer: Symptomatic Stationary Testing Sites 
Volante en Español: Sitios de Prueba Estacionarios Sintomáticos
Check for FLYER UPDATES at: 


3. SHORTEN ISOLATION/RETURN TO SCHOOL or WORK. Between Day 5 -10 after being Positive, you may RAT Rapid Antigen Test to return to School/Work. (Day 0 is your positive Test Date or Day of Symptoms started with a confirmed positive test, whichever date is earlier.)

If you decide not to test, please follow the Isolation Protocol to complete full 10 days, and symptoms improving, and fever free for 24 hours without taking medication. 

Mon-Fri 7:15 AM to 4:30 PM, and Sat 8AM – 4PM. Sites are walk-in only (no appointments).

2 places within Local District Central:
LD Central Office (Previous Lanterman Site), 2328 St James Pl., Los Angeles 90007
Virgil Middle School, 1152 N Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90004 (starting 1/24/22).
See flyer for more locations: Return to School Work with Rapid Testing After Day 5
Volante en Español: Regreso al Trabajo Escolar con Pruebas Rápidas Después del Día 5

Check for FLYER UPDATES at: 


-------------------------  What to Do If You Receive a Positive Test for COVID-19 ------------------------- 

  • If a student or employee has tested positive they MUST ISOLATE for AT LEAST 5 DAYS.

Isolation protocols (when you have COVID Symptoms or COVID Positive):
Volante en Español Segunda Pagina:
When you have COVID Symptoms or Test COVID Positive_Isolation Protocols Infographic

  • Individuals who test positive may be released from isolation and return to school on Day 6, provided all symptoms are improving, they are fever-free for the past 24 hours without fever-reducing medication, AND they have a negative Antigen Test result from a test taken on or after Day 5
  • It is important that any externally administered, positive test result is added to the Daily Pass as soon as it is received. 
    • How to upload an external RAT Rapid Antigen Test. If you have remaining tests in your kit, please save them in case of future exposure or isolation events. Results must be uploaded onto your student’s Daily Pass so they can be reviewed by the Community Engagement Team. When logged onto the Daily Pass, select “Submit External Non-LAUSD COVID-19 Test Result” and enter in the information.
    • When uploading the photo of your child's test result, please upload one photo only and ensure it includes the test result with your child's full legal name, date of birth and test date, handwritten on the test or a separate piece of paper. 

    • Please contact the Family Help Desk at 213-443-1300, Mon-Fri, 6 am to 6 pm for any uploading or COVID questions.

------------------------- LAUSD Community Engagement -------------------------  

For questions regarding COVID-19 ISOLATION & QUARANTINE; Return to School Clearances:
(213) 725-5637 or 
Mon - Fri 6am to 9pm; Sat - Sun 8am to 4:30pm 

LAUSD’s dedicated Community Engagement Team contacts those with a positive COVID-19 test result, as well as those who may have been exposed or are not feeling well. The CE Team provides information about quarantine & isolation. The CE Team also controls the Daily Pass Access for Students.

LAUSD COVID-19 General Info and Resource Page 


------------------------- LAUSD COVID-19 VACCINE Info and Appointment Info ------------------------- 

BOOSTERS are available to to Students who are 12 & up AND if your 2nd Pfizer shot was received 5 months ago.

Adults are eligible for a COVID Booster when it's been: 
2 months after receiving the J&J or  
5 months after the 2nd dose mRNA (Pfizer or Moderna)

Students ages 12 and up can visit any one of school-based sites to receive a vaccination. Parent Consent is needed.
Family members of Los Angeles Unified students are eligible to receive vaccinations at our schools' vaccination centers.

To make an appointment, please visit the Daily Pass: 
or Call LAUSD Vaccinations Hotline at (213) 328-3958 to make a vaccination appointment.

List of COVID vaccination locations & more 

FAQs for Covid Vaccinations, Testing, Safety Protocols, Vaccine Safety, Daily Pass:


Vaccine Info from LA County Department of Public Health


------------------------- Updated COVID-19 Policies for Spring 2022 Semester -------------------------


------------------------- LA COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC HEALTH WEBPAGE FOR COVID-19 -------------------------

Resources available in multiple  languages.  
Recursos disponibles en varios idiomas.  
여러 언어로 제공되는 리소스.  
Բազմաթիվ լեզուներով մատչելի աղբյուրներ: 

Free delivery services, social services, essential items like food & medicines, call 2-1-1 (which is available 24/7) or visit: 

Para obtener ayuda para encontrar servicios gratuitos de entrega, servicios sociales, artículos esencialescomo alimentos y medicamentos, llame a 2-1-1 (que está disponible las 24 horas, los 7 días de la semana) o visite: 


------------------------- LACDPH Home ISOLATION INSTRUCTIONS FOR PEOPLE WITH COVID-19 -------------------------
If you tested positive but have not gotten a call yet, **please call Public Health at 1-833-540-0473 from 8 AM to 8:30 PM, 7 days a week.** 

Resources available in multiple languages.

Persons with confirmed or suspect COVID-19 must stay home in a separate space from others in the home until:
***(PLEASE CONTACT LAUSD COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT for LAUSD INSTRUCTIONS ON ISOLATION (213) 725-5637 or or LAUSD Coronavirus Help Desk: Mon – Sat 6am to 6pm  
Helpdesk for families: (213) 443-1300.LAUSD may impose a stricter guideline than LACDPH.)***

• Everyone with COVID-19 must isolate for at least 5 days. How long you have to isolate depends on whether you have Symptoms and if you get a negative follow-up viral test on day 5 or later. If you test on day 5 or later, it is better to use an antigen test because NAAT/PCR tests can stay positive even after you are no longer infectious AND  
• No fever for at least 24 hours (without the use of medicine that reduces fevers) AND  
• Symptoms have improved and you are beyond the contagious period.


------------------------- LACDPH Home QUARANTINE INSTRUCTIONS ------------------------- 

Resources available in multiple languages. 

Persons in close contact with someone confirmed or suspected COVID-19:
***(PLEASE CONTACT LAUSD COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT for LAUSD INSTRUCTIONS ON QUARANTINE (213) 725-5637 or  or LAUSD Coronavirus Help Desk: Mon – Fri 6am to 6pm  
Helpdesk for families: (213) 443-1300. LAUSD may impose a stricter guideline than LACDPH.)**


Տնային մեկուսացման ցուցումներ COVID-19 վարակ ունեցող անձանց համար: 
Եթե դրական արդյունք եք տվել, բայց դեռ զանգ չեք ստացել, շաբաթվա 7-ը առավոտյան 8-ից երեկոյան 8:30 զանգահարեք Հասարակական առողջություն 1-833-540-0473 հեռախոսահամարով. 

Տնային կարանտինի մասին ուղեցույց Կորոնավիրուս 2019 հիվանդության հետ առնչվողների համար: 


COVID-19 확진자를 위한 자택 고립 지침: 
양성 판정을 받았지만 아직 전화를받지 못한 경우, 주 7 일 오전 8 시부 터 오후 8시 30 분까지 1-833-540-0473으로 공중 보건에 전화하십시오. 

COVID-19 밀접 접촉자를 위한 자택 격리 지침 


------------------------- CHLA National Center for School Crisis and Bereavement -------------------------